Writing Coach

The best advice to give anyone who has a desire to write is simple. Read and write. Read a lot. Read widely. Never stop reading. Be critical of what you read. Ask yourself why some writing grabs your attention or other writing induces boredom. If you are gripped by the written narrative what is it that excites you? Is it the way the facts or the fictional story are presented? Is it the structure? The facility with words? On the other hand, having started to read something, if you have no interest in continuing, work out how long it took you to become bored. What in particular led you to stop? As for the balancing element, writing, write something every day if you can. Practice writing. Try different styles. Read your work and be critical. Re-read your work and be even more critical. Never be satisfied but always remember: just because a piece of writing is not perfect in your eyes does not mean that it is not a good piece of writing. This is true whether you are writing a press release or an epic poem. It may not be high literature but if you have mastered structure, form and style what matters is that it suits its purpose. Good writing pays attention to: