The aim of editing is to achieve the best possible version of the written work so that it is presented correctly, makes complete sense, is consistent throughout and avoids unwanted repetition. No matter how complex the subject it should be an easy and logical read. Difficult topics should not be further confused by overly long sentences or an ill-informed choice of words Thus, editing involves not only proofreading but an insightful evaluation of the material. It may also involve condensing material which is most important with a limited word count. Following this process, the sentence from the Essay on English literature used as an example in Proofreading now reads:
The imagery used by K in this poem shows his appreciation for the beauty around him … the birds singing, the rain falling, the tree’s branches falling on his shoulders.
As well as presenting a much crisper version of the original, this has reduced the word count by almost a quarter, 9 words.