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  • You got me my degree, only for your help, guidance and belief in me I would not have been able to hand up my thesis when I had to. Sinead
  • Due to some personal issues I had a very tight deadline for submitting my theses, so I was in deep trouble. Also English is not my first language. Estelle gave me the most professional service, proofreading, editing and valuable suggestions for improving my work in general. Without her help I would had never been able to deliver my dissertation on time. Hector
  • Estelle came back to me quickly and I began to gain clarity and focus on my thesis, I grew more confident  …she ensured my sentence structure was strong and with her help I learned to recognise my most common written errors.
  • Estelle was the best teacher when I struggled with my thesis. There is a lot of information for general academic writing, but not many people can actually teach the details. In that respect, I have a great gratitude to her.